3/30/97 - 6/8/05

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Do you remember how Mommy and Daddy would both sit and pet you and tell you that you were our special boy?

     Vern's good. (Oh, very good!)

          Vern's smart. (Sooo smart!)

               Vern's strong.  (Oh he's a strong boy!)

                    Vern's brave.  (Brave guy!)

                         Vern's loyal.  (Vern's so loyal)

                              Vern's cutie-boy.  (Oh!  Cutie-boy!)

                                   Vern's good singer guy.  (My goodness what a singer guy!)

                                        Vern's good catcher guy.  (Oh he's a catcher guy!)

                                             Vern's handsome.  (Who's that handsome guy?!)

                                                  Vern's first...

You used to sit so proud while we petted you and praised you, and you struck a different pose for each praise.  I remember you so clearly.  Your smile, your laugh, your wiggle, even the heart-shaped marking on your butt.  We were always so proud of you and you won the hearts of so many.  You learned so much so fast, you were so insightful and you taught us so much.  You were generous and loving and you treated your Tinkerbell and your Skippy with so much love.  You were a protector and guardian.  Your calm, majestic presence was so full of love and tolerance, and your sense of humor was completely priceless.  Even your stubborn, lazy streak made us smile.  We miss you so much, Boo.

Mommy and Daddy love Vern.  Vern's first.  Mommy and Daddy always come home to see Vern.  Pretty soon, Baby Boy, just a blink of  your eyes and we'll be there again with you, and so will your Tinkerbell and your Skippy.  We all love and miss you so much.

Good Boy.  Handsome Boy.  Beautiful Boy.  Precious Boy.  Big Boy.  Mister.  Boo.  Boo-Boo Bear.  You gave us everything -- your whole life.  Thank you so much for choosing us and for sharing your life.

Mommy and Daddy love Vern.  Vern's first.




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