3/30/97 - 6/8/05

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Vern is strong...

Damned if you weren't! And fast, too!

I remember living in Lake City and the fence was too short. While we were waiting to buy and install taller fence, I took you and Tink out on leash. A guy went buy with his dog and you and Tink took off. You pulled me over and drug me through the grass until your Daddy came out and saved us. The guy kept trying to stop and come back, too. Nice sentiment but GO!!!

Remember in that house before we got Tink, how you used to play "you can't catch me" with your Mommy? And I couldn't catch you, either, could I? You'd run from one end of the yard to the other, run behind the tree in the corner (with the bushes all around) and fake left, fake right, RUN left and right past me. Sometimes it took me forever to finally outsmart you and catch you.

Remember when you broke the window? You were bouncing on it to try to get some dog's attention as it walked outside and the window just shattered. We had to get it fixed. It wasn't so bad, and at least you didn't jump out and hurt yourself. The lady who later told us it was her dog you were trying to intimidate said she felt so bad, and it looked like you did, too.

I used to love how you told me it was time for a puppy break. You would sit so patiently for so long as I lost myself behind the computer. Eventually, though, enough was enough and you'd come over and share with me what time it was. PUPPY TIME! You'd put your nose under my elbow and LIFT! Oh, my hand just flew. Thank goodness for the "undo" button when you caught me as I was drawing!