Born 3/7/97


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My priceless Skippy cat.  I've never had a cat like this.  She is a Balinese/Oriental Cat mix and she is very much "my" cat.  She knows I'm home before the dogs do and she will even obey some simple verbal commands.  She is beautiful and demanding and very self-confident.  She is wicked in all the ways a kitty should be wicked.  She grew up with Vern and they had a very special relationship.  She and Tinkerbell are OK with one another, but now that we have the new puppy, Starbreaker, well, now she's especially wicked -- you can ALWAYS teach a young dog embarrassing tricks!


See pictures of pretty Skippy Blue Eyes


Skippy's childhood


Skippy and Vern


Skippy and Tink


Skippy and Star


Skippy's "Talents"