Born 3/7/97


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One day, for whatever reason, I noticed that the carpet in the entry hall of the Kenmore house would be a stunning compliment to Skippy's eye and fur coloration. So I brought her upstairs for a photo shoot. She's a natural. I petted her and she posed and rolled around like Madonna. What a love!

Of course, a big part of being a lovely furry kitty is jumping up on furniture and posing just as your Mommy happens past with a camera.

Look at the demure face! Oh, you'd almost believe she's blushing -- "What? Oh me? You want a picture of me? Oh, well, I guess if you must. This is just so unexpected..."

Few things in life are as tumfy as the chair in which Mommy wants to sit.

OK, well I thought it would make a good picture. She chose to stick her tongue out at me. She's only about a year and a half old here, too. Cheeky little princess!

Skippy up on her high place.

This is my favorite picture of my Baby Angel. Look at those eyes!

And this was her favorite picture. Can you see the claws going? You can almost hear her purring!

Of course, few people ever really realize how clever Skippy is. She's really quite the computer geek. She'll study and bat at the curser as long as she is allowed. Here she is in her Daddy's studio examining a picture of Stonehenge.

...if only she could learn to relax! She's 8 and 1/2 years old, and starting to nap quite a lot. She's safe up on her high place, from an inquisitive young puppy! Said puppy likes to nudge and nuzzle her so that she'll SMACK him. It's so tiring being queen!

And here she is as a youngster again, in the house in Lake City. This was before Matt moved in with us and it's my hobby room. She liked this chair a lot. Before it died (*sigh* yes, the puppy ate it, too), she just used it constantly.

This is the face Skippy makes when everyone else is out playing in the snow, and bouncing in and out of the house, shaking and spraying snow everywhere, then wanting her to play. Skippy is displeased.

The face of an angel!

Did I mention that she loooooooves computers?

Life's too short to skip naptime.

Again, in the Lake City house. Here's my priceless treasure with her Boo. Vern loved his kitty! His kitty did NOT love cameras, though. Nasty flashy things!

Just chillin' in the studio.

It's Christmas 2006 and SkippyCat LOVES her new window shelf. Well, OK, the catnip didn't hurt, but really, she does seem to love it!!!

After the inital rolling around and cleaning, she stretched out, and keeps going back for naptime.

Frankly, she hardly looked at her other toys....

...Though she was VERY interested in the camera, and good enough to clean off the lens for me.

Once I put the other toys under the bench, though, then she got a little curious.

Of course, puppy isn't OK with that, he can't get to her or her new toys under the bench. Mom! Kitty won't play with me!!!!

Ahhh, my snuggle girl. She helps me type on the computer most every night.

After a hard day of avoiding stupid puppies, Skippy loves to snuggle up with Mommy's blankie on the desk chair.

Yep -- she gets fatter just sitting there. :-/