3/30/97 - 6/8/05

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Who comed to see the Mommy?

Do you believe in life after death? I do.

Once upon a time there was a dog named "Vern". Vern was a very special boy. He was smart and gentle and kind. He loved his family very much.

But Vern got sick and had to leave far too soon. The Mommy was heartbroken and sobbed uncontrollably at his passing. The grief overwhelmed her and she started to wander around the house. On her way into the bedroom, not sure where she was going, just trying to walk away from her grief, she turned a corner and suddenly felt Vern's presence immediately in front of her. It was so clear, and she could almost see his face, but it was fuzzy, and level with hers, now down where it should be. No body, though, just a trail of blur below the smiling, laughing face. All she wanted to do was reach out and grab him and pull him close. But a peace came over her at the sight of her baby boy so happy -- suddenly free from the cancer she had watched eat his joy piece by piece -- her crying calmed and she was OK for a while.

Then, the next day at work, it hit her again. Grief like a tsunami crashed over her. She quickly dove out of her office and headed for the bathroom where she could have a little privacy. On her way down the hall, the unmistakable presence came again -- this time it seemed he was goosing her. She didn't need to turn around to know who it was, or that he was laughing at her. Quietly, quickly she continued on to the bathroom as the familiar peace came back. He was gone by the time she opened the restroom door. Some cold water and a kleenex, and she could face her day again.

It does not get better with time, not as it should. But it does help a little to know my Boo is still looking out for the Mommy, and he's still laughing.