3/30/97 - 6/8/05

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Vern is brave...

Oh my goodness what a brave boy! Do you remember when you saved the car, Boo? You were only about 9 months old. It was 4AM and your Daddy had fallen asleep face down at the computer. You wouldn't leave him alone! Normally you were so mellow but you just kept barking and nudging and tugging and finally he just HAD IT. So he got up and put the leash on you, then he put on that big puffy down jacket and went outside.

Suddenly, some kid's head popped up from the driver's seat of the car. Hey! He's not supposed to be there! That's the car that takes Vern to the Park! You, all puppy legs and ears, suddenly condensed and got thicker. Your hair went up on end. Your daddy was big enough to begin with, but with his hair all sleep-teased and keyboard prints on his face, back lit wearing the big puffy coat he must have looked like Sasquatch to the kid. And you suddenly not sounding much like a puppy all teeth and drools, doing your best Cujo. Well, that kid just jumped out of the car and RAN. He fell down three times trying to run away and got up and kept running without ever once looking back.

You got so much praise from that! Ya goof -- thereafter you reported dutifully if a bug so much as flew by the house.