3/30/97 - 6/8/05

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Vern is loyal...

Who was the most loyal boy in the world? YOU WERE! You were a sensitive boy, and you got your feelings hurt sometimes, just like a person might, but unlike a person, you were always there when someone needed you. You guarded your daddy when he was dangerously down, and you couldn't stand to see your mommy cry, could you? You loved your kitty, too, and you loved to play with her so much. That was the safest kitty in the whole world. And your Tinkerbell -- you never gave up on her, either, even when your mommy and daddy had about had it (after all, outside anyway, she was the funnest toy ever).

You know, the thing that strikes me most when I think of how loyal you were was your last day on earth. I know how much pain you were in -- I could see your eyes bugged out. You didn't want to get up and come with us to the Vet, but it was time. Mommy made you get up and put the leash on you and your Daddy led you up the stairs. My boy, I remember so clearly the pride in your eyes as you did what we asked and went on your last walkies with us (and without Tinkerbell!). I remember the smile on your face when you were all the way up the stairs. I remember how you got in the car when we asked. I know we kept you too long, baby boy. Your Daddy tried to tell me and I'm so sorry I fought it. You lived the pain because I was too selfish. I'm sorry, but I cherish every second you gave me, and I will never forget that you gave it to me.