3/30/97 - 6/8/05

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Oh my boy, how you are missed! You made so many friends in your short life. Of course, Mommy, Daddy, Gramma, Grandpaw, your kitty and your Tinkerbell loved you. And you had all "the guys" in the bands your Daddy was in. You had your friends at the doggie park, and your neighbors.

Do you remember Skye? In the first house you were in, the neighbor lady used to let the dog that lived on the other side of her play in her yard. You liked Skye. She was a fast, herding breed. You used to chase and bark and try to wrestle, but she was too fast. We had to be careful, though, not to mess up the neighbor's yard and lawn.

Remember your first "girlfriend"? Hah -- that was funny! You met a boxer at Hamlin park. She reared up and smacked you once on each side of the head. You followed her around like a lovesick puppy for the rest of the walk. What a baby!

In fact, remember your first trip to Hamlin park? You were a little shy about the dogs at first, so you went around from owner to owner soliciting love and affection.

Your doggie trainer, Aimee was awfully fond of you, too, wasn't she? You were the only dog who's name she remembered despite the sheer volume of dogs she encountered every day.

And the vet. You loved the vet (go figure). You were pretty proud of yourself. You went in all sick and the vet opened his arms to get you to come, and you just buried your head in his armpit in a loving, snuggly way. Then the nurse came in to put some fluids under your skin and you just let her poke and poke you and you were fine with it. Even your wellness vet was a little taken aback by you. He was so nervous when you went to get your Rabies shot, that he wanted me to hold your head. Whatever, I had your collar. He jabbed you in the butt and you just turned around and gave him the "WTF was THAT for?!!!" look. Then he went to put the Bordatello drops in your nose and you just squirmed a little, like a toddler who didn't want its nose wiped.

Remember our next door neighbor when we lived in Lake City? She could never say your name -- she called you "Bern". She was nervous of you, but you were nothing but good to her. What a good boy. And the neighbor across the street, the one with the little heeler? Well, she was a doggie person, of course, so you liked her just fine!

I know how you loved your Uncle Vic, and I know you were upset that he stopped coming to see you. I hope you understand that it wasn't you, Boo. It was just "stuff". Your Uncle loved you so much -- I know he still cries about you like the rest of us do. I know because your Uncle Steve tells me. You loved the whole band, didn't you, Boo? They were your family. Not one of them will ever forget you. Neither will Mommy or Daddy.