Born 3/7/98


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Tinker's Tales

Tink had a huge and wonderful personality and lent herself well to stories of her exploits!

Have you ever watched a boxing match with 4 grown men, and two Rotties that think they're people?

Why are people afraid of me, Mommy? I was only chasing them 'cause they were running....

Vicious dog, my ass!

Don't hit me!

Weird, Freudian potty-training issues.

Did you know, that if one is sufficiently diligent, a single box if Rice-a-Roni can be spread across an entire room? It's true!

When was the last time you saw a dog enjoy a good fireworks display?


Ack! It's a bath!

The true meaning of joy.

Oh boy, I'm helping!!!

Blogs of the good times.

Blogs of the "end" times.

Comments about our Pretty Princess from her friends and family.



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