Born 3/7/98


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Who says she's spoiled?!

Pretty grrrl loves the snow and she likes to play ball.  Here she's trying VERY hard to get mommy to throw the ball on one of our few snow days

Now was she not just the most darling little baby grrrl puppy ever?!  This was the first month we had her and Vern was so patient.  So was Paul, LOL -- what a difficult photo session!  She didn't know ANY of the commands, yet.

Tinkerbell's sad guard duty.  This used to be Vern's spot.  Now she lays there when she's missing him.  Sometimes you look in her eyes and you can tell that she's "crying".

Tinkerbell REALLY likes snow!  When she was very young and we had our first snow, the couch was right by a window, and the window was right by a streetlamp.  Because it tends to snow after dark here, you can really only see it in a light, and the streetlamp was perfect.  After that one snow, every time you asked Tink if it was snowing, she'd just up on the couch and look at the street lamp to see if it was.  When she could see that it was, she'd get SOOO excited and start squeaking and wanting out.  

Look at the happy!  This was taken the winter before we lost Vern and we couldn't be happier that we had such a nice snowfall that lasted into the day so that they'd have this fun together one last time.

Look at the face! You can't resist the face!

The smile, the eyes, the love! What a doll!

Look who kisses her Daddy!

A baby Tinkerbell! She's only about 6 months old, here, and she's showing us how she likes her tummy rubbed. (She like's it very well, as a matter of fact!)

Baby Tinkerbell with big brother Vern. Vern was so patient with her. She was so not gentle with him! LOL! She tackled him and hung from his jowels, and stuck her face in his mouth to take the ball away from him. She rant and jumped, harried, harrassed, and generally allowed him little peace and quiet. Just about enough to take this picture.

...aaaaand here she is taking the ball out of his mouth. They did this until the day Vern stopped playing. He'd even set it up so that we'd play fetch and he'd already be where the ball was thrown, pick it up, hand it to her, and let her walk it back.

An older Tink playing in the snow with her big brother.

And here's our pretty princess with her new best friend! Well... he's not really quite her best friend at this point. Right about now, she's still pretty torqued that there's a puppy in the house.

Good grief! I just can't seem to shake him. It's like having an annoying shadow that wants to play all the time!

I am unaffected by your attempts at cute. Don't even bother!

The funny thing is, she started out really annoyed with this puppy. Her face here is just a taste. I was in the back yard weeding, and got up to empty my weeds into the yard waste container. Starbreaker couldn't figure out how to get around or over the big landscaping boulder and so sat on his little puppy butt and whined. Tink took one look at me and stomped over there and sat down next to him so he'd be OK, but just refused to look at him. It was hysterical! He was so delighted she'd come back to be with him, he was all over her! Goofy kid.

Now, though, they're inseparable. They just sit and kiss sometimes -- like they're making out. Or they lay at the front door, side by side, looking out the screen at the world.

This is the way we paint the house

Paint the house

Paint the house

This is the way we paint the house

So early Monday Morning

Portrait of a Helper Grrrl

A Computer Desk Doubles as a handy "Den" for a sufficiently resourceful baby grrr.

Tinkerbell and Starbreaker playing in the snow. I think it's Star's first snow, actually. He was VERY excited and he and Tink played really hard.

Star got to running so hard and fast that they collided mid air and Tink let out a small yelp. Kinda knocked the wind out of her, I think. She was done for a few minutes after that, but boy did they play hard!

Of course, what romp in the snow is complete without a nice towel with which to dry one's fur? Tink posed for this shot. The one I missed was her fussing with the towel, trying to get it "just so".

As a working dog, it's important to busy yourself with all the day-to-day details of maintaining a home. Here we see Tink and Star modeling the proper way to make a bed.

Now that's a pretty face!

Uh, oh! Look out Star! Tinky's going to get your spiffy red ball of joy! Oh noes!!!!

Ah, sweet success!

But, alas! the evil green stool briefly stole the spiffy red ball of joy. Mommy had to come rescue the ball for Tinkie, so she could keep playing!

Christmas is always an exciting time of year! Tink loves her stuffed animals, very much!

Happy Baby Grrr with a stuffed thing.

Uh, oh -- Snowman envy! Better stay back, Star, Tink's gonna get you!!!

Pooped pup guards her treat puzzle from Star while he steals her stuffed things.

Just after the new year, it Snowed again! Oh, Goddess, what a mess! We were unprepared and it hit exactly at the evening commute. It was ugly. It took me 4 hours to get home. But you know what? My dogs were delighted to see me, and neither of them peed.

Now, it's true, that Julie had taken them to the park that day for the first time in several weeks, so they were also just Pooped! The barely played at all.

It's sad, cause I know they love snow, but I'm just not surprised. Star also had a broken nail, so he's a little cautious.

What could be better than buying new shoes?

Of course, a dignified lady always watches sporting events, such as Puppy WWF, in a calm, and comfortable manner.

Tinker loves attention!!!

Here's a lovely shot of our Pretty Princess 'helping' Mommy dig out the pond! She's nestled in the divot between the edge of the pond and the sod I haven't removed yet.

And here we are a couple hours later demonstrating the location of the future bog plants, designed to keep the water clean and healthy for the koi. Nobody makes fresh, fluffy dirt like Mommy!

With the pond nearly half dug, Tink helps out by eating some dirt that appears slightly out of place.

OK, so this is a long story. Basically, there's a thread on the Nevermore discussion board entitled "Post your sexy pics here". So, naturally, it's a total hodge-podge of every pic that is a parody of sexy with a few random, saving posts with actual pics of pretty young girls. In an effort to make the thread Uber-Sexay, Kevin posted a pic of himself taking a picture of himself in his bathroom mirror. The camera completely blocked his face and all you could see was him holding a can of cheap beer while simultaneously flipping the horns. Naturally everyone else followed suit with different beverages, and they began critiquing one another. This, then, is a pictar of the lovely and vivacious Tinkerbell with her water dish, grinning behind a digital camera, as seen by a mirror. It just goes to show that on the Neverboard, Tinky is just one of the gang! Don't think she doesn't love that! *grin*

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