Born 3/7/98


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Tinkerbell and the Koi

Tink is a helper grrrl, no doubt about it! After the scandalous raccoon attack, she was RIGHT THERE helping me get those koi to safety! First, she carefully guarded the 5-gallon bucket in which the last two survivors were eagerly awaiting their new home inside the house. That was a party in and of itself, let me just share right now. I've got two nervous koi randomly going "over the wall" and flopping around on the carpet, and I've got an eager, curious, fun-loving dog watching everything very closely and with much glee. Now imagine trying to get 85 pounds of muscle and glee out of the way so you can grab a flopping fish and throw it back in a bucket. Yeah -- see? Party!

Eventually I got smart and pulled one of the wire racks out of the fridge, weighted it with a garden rock and kept a "lid" on the fish till I could finish their new home. I finished filling up the new aquarium and put some "furniture" in it for my nervous fishy-kids. A couple big plants and a nice log under which to hide, a back to keep them feeling safe and a little time to "age" the water. Perfect! Anything is better than a 5-gallon bucket full of fish, dog hair, and carpet fluff, I put them in their new home.

Success! And with the fish no longer in a bucket on the floor, Tink appeared to forget her slimy friends.... for a while.

Well, with the safety of the glass walls, a roof, some backing, fake plants, etc. the fish were ecstatic! They began doing these huge, sweeping figure-8 victory laps around the aquarium. Guess who noticed the motion? Yep. Nothing gets by our baby grrrl.

So, for 2 days Tink just stands in front of the new aquarium, fascinated; watching the fish with a single-minded intensity. Then she got this idea. Now her face is right up against the glass in her own private "Mervyns" commercial (Open, open open!) until a fish swam by then *SMACK!* she'd mash her wet nose against the glass as a fish swam by. This was a huge problem. We couldn't leave her alone in the house with the fish, because she started jumping up on the dresser -- she was REALLY trying to catch herself a fish -- and we were afraid she'd tip the whole silly thing over. We had to lock her in a room away from the fish to go anywhere, or even to watch a movie.

Meanwhile, as you might imagine, fish that had been recently traumatized by ravenous koi-eating raccoons were NOT amused at the sudden appearance of a furry muzzle every time they swam by. To that end, they freaked out and went and hid under the fake log until I finally bought some pretty fabric and covered the entire aquarium so that they were in their own little cave. I didn't see my fish for a month and a half until Tink forgot they were there or otherwise lost interest.

My goodness, but she was ...focused, for a while. :-)


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