Born 3/7/98


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Tinkerbell and Vern

When we first went to see Tinkerbell, before she was ours, we brought Vern with us. He figured she was OK, but generally wasn't impressed with her, but boy was she enamored of him! She never lost that.

When we got them home that first day, we let them out in the yard to play for a little while. We figured, they could have some fun together before the "sensitive" stuff like food and sleeping space were addressed. The play part went really well. She was SO outgoing! She was, at one point, actually hanging from Vern's jowls, just dangling and tugging, and he had the biggest grin on his face! You could just see the message in his eyes, "Thanks mom and dad!"

Well, that evaporated when he realized that his fun new toy also wanted food and a place to sleep and attention from the alphas. Poor, precious little Tink had been through so much. She couldn't understand what we were saying to her, because she'd been taught that people words were meaningless noise. The task fell to Vern to teach her how to behave and teach us how to 'talk' to her. Mostly, he was very gentle and patient with her, but Mr. Food-Motivated did NOT think the whole "food" thing was funny or cute. At one point Tink was actually sitting in his food dish, cowering as he barked at her for having gotten too close to a tidbit.

Still, Tink idolized Vern. She followed him everywhere and mimicked his every move. Vern is responsible for having rescued that rottweiler puppy, not us. To this day, my female dog marks bushes and posts like a male dog when she goes on a walk, mimicking her Vern's behavior. She sings when an aid car goes by or when she gets lonely, also mimicking his behavior. She mourned Vern's death as deeply as either Paul or I, and she still occasionally reminds me of the myriad lessons she learned from her furry mentor.


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