Born 4/19/05


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This is the way we dig our pond,

Dig our pond,

Dig our pond,

This is the way we dig our pond,

So early Monday morning!


OK, so it's Memorial Day weekend, and I've mowed the lawn, removed the blackberries, picked up after the lawn sharks, and I'm ready to rock and roll! I started by marking out the perimeter, which got little or no attention. However, once I got some of the sod out and the dirt exposed -- look out! Starbreaker got his puppy on!





And, of course, once the area between the edge got sufficiently wide to accomodate 111 pounds of puppy, he was sneaky, hiding boy!





LOL! What a handsome, goofy boy!


The picture that I was unable to get, almost by definition, was when Star realized that Mommy was wearing THICK WORK GLOVES!!! Woo hoo! Wrestle Mania!!! He grabbed my hand and play wrestled and did tug-y-war and generally pranced about like the proudest, happiest puppy alive. Then we did some sneaking and Tinkerbell joined in -- she SPRUNG! and chased Star so he was forced to run all over the yard in every which direction like a cat with a serious case of the zoomies.


At 6 PM, both dogs voluntarily retired to my bedroom and napped for an hour before moving into the living room to lounge on the couch for a bit before napping on the office floor -- they're pooped!


Not too pooped to go at it every day for the rest of the week, though. They really "helped" a bunch! *grin*