Born 4/19/05


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It's Christmas 2006 and my "puppy" is about half grown. If he lives, he should be a good dog.




Puppy-butt still tries my patience daily. He's still got this puppy ADD thing going on, and to date he knows about 3 commands for "get the hell out of the way ya big goof", sit, and down. Pretty much other than that, everything I say sounds like, "Mommy and/or Kitty have treats for you, littles" to his enormous furry ears. He's a chicken-poop, though. I never thought I'd have a dog that was truly chicken, but he is. It's really only new people that scare him. Once you've gotten to know him, all bets are off, and he's leaping into your arms at first sight. Until that time, you're not allowed to touch him or trap him. It takes a couple meetings or a couple hours, whichever comes first. I'm trying to get him over that, but he's very stubborn. I think I'm going to have to start having people over. Hmmm. Did anyone say "Barbeque?" I certainly hope so.


Well the day started off the night before, as is our family tradition, with one gift to open. Since the 'kids' couldn't choose, I chose for them -- they each got a stuffed teddy bear. These were a big hit.


The next morning, after breakfast, the fun began again. They each got an assortment of dollar store stuffed things and ropes. And they got one other thing -- one of those treat puzzles. Well, those are TOUGH puzzles, let me tell you. A whole day later and the pups are POOPED, and they only freed one treat.



Nevertheless, the stuffed things were very satisfying in between rounds with the puzzles.



There was some brief jealously, of course - kitties get all the cool toys. Mom! She won't share!!!



Pent up frustration is vented on an unfortunate stuffed snow man -- fiercely shaken to bits because kitty wouldn't play.



Y'know, 'caue he's not spoiled. all.



Oh! But here he is stealing Tink's toys while she guards her puzzle! Sneaky boy!!!



Just after the new year, it Snowed again! Oh, Goddess, what a mess! We were unprepared and it hit exactly at the evening commute. It was ugly. It took me 4 hours to get home. But you know what? My dogs were delighted to see me, and neither of them peed. Now, it's true, that Julie had taken them to the park that day for the first time in several weeks, so they were also just Pooped! The barely played at all. It's sad, cause I know they love snow, but I'm just not surprised. Star also had a broken nail, so he's a little cautious.