Born 4/19/05


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Well, he's alive. It's a miracle, but he's alive. He's eaten most of the rugs, all of the throw pillows, every stuffed thing brought into the house, random household objects, multiple boxes of tea, a couple walls, and a couch. Yup, a couch. Tile spacers seem to be his favorite, and they apparently are safe, as backyard evidence suggests they pass through the intestinal tract without breaking down. Toilet paper is a close runner-up, however, and I am going through it at an alarming rate. One would think I had digestive troubles myself!

But he's still, clearly, just a little baby at heart, and such a snuggle monster! In order to have the repairs done to the house (eek!) I had to hire a dogsitter. Yeah, I know, but she was really affordable, and they love her. Besides, I can't expect them to stay locked in a room in a house this small with contractors repairing a rotten subfloor 2 yards away. Between Star and Tink, they'd eat the room.

Now, except for the vacuum cleaner, the only thing Star is afraid of is strangers. This is somewhat unfortunate, but there it is. He's just not going to jump into your arms until he's known you for 20 or 30 minutes -- then all bets are off. Truly, I can still see, in my minds eye, Matt sitting in a chair with this enormous puppy in his ...errrr lap ...mostly ...I guess. Anyway, my big helper boy is really a helper. A working dog in the finest tradition, with pretty Tinkerbell showing him the ropes. When Rachel and I were reinstalling the tile in the shower, there he was *showing* her how to mix the mortar (he got it a little thin, though and Mommy had to fix it). When I was washing things in the tub (well, because there's water to the tub), he walked up behind me, put his head between my knees, and watched intently. Painting? He laid down at the base of the ladder to keep it from moving (or something). Yup, what a good helper guy!

Of course, Star loves his Matthew!

And snow -- Star loves snow!

The above pic, of course, is how you dry off after you've been out in the snow, if Mommy isn't fast enough with a towel; you use the bed. :-/

Oh! but goodness me! The snow stuck and there was MORE! Yay, snow!!! Woo!

But wait! What is this?


Well, that's even BETTER! Star loves the spiffy red ball of joy.

Uh, oh, but Star is not the only doggie in the yard. Look out, Littles -- Tinky's gonna get you!

Back inside, he's just a dog with a ball...

And a tummy

Did I mention the tummy?